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Taking you in
my senses are attuned.
Sight, hearing, taste and smell
when eager fingers
rip open the skin
of the ripe,

Heat trapped the smell of
sea salt,
familiar spices,
the dry smoke from fields of burnt sugarcane.
Birds call.
City traffic snarls.
I want to cuddle,
and never leave.

From: Three Echoes Dancing

Miami Thrice

Ah, the 305.
The 786.954.754.561
The heat
The beat
The re-treat

Where visitors
and ‘gators
lounge around
and former generals,
presidents and dictators,
and their ladies
They’re not here to shrill

Sometimes the hunters and the hunted
do a stare-down,
four eyes behind tinted glasses
across steamy streets.
They sit at marble and granite tables
With their rum punch, cigars,
and latte

Behind them: actions,
pulpit, politics,
and might.
Big rims of hummers
double M’s (Mercedes, Maseratis)
double R’s (Rolls Royce)
bling and gin

Before them: reactions,
Dr. Scholls, Web MD,
And Accord.
After iced tea on the verandah,
some may wander.
Bedtime at dusk
becomes a must

It’s all just par for the course
In the 305.
The 786.954.754.561
The heat
The beat
The re-treat

From: Three Echoes Dancing

The Ceiling

watch the glass.
It sees thee.
and ready.

We have toiled in the fields of commerce
deploying strategies,
attempting to upend
the status

We have planted our cause far and near
employing charm
sometimes conspiring
and disarming
and gazes
in phases.

A new week
demands a new technique,
not a wiki-leak.
Let’s get on our Trojan horse.
Be Greek
and move the mountain
with our pen.
Bring friends

From: It's the Context

It Will Find You

We all want to know that there is a reason for our being
We search our minds at times in quiet solitude

We rise each day hoping that as certain as the dawn we will discover our purpose
It is written that all men are created equal on purpose
Keep looking

It will find you

From: It's The Context

Past Perfect, Present Tense

All we have is our past.
It is what we know,
we can see what settled where,
after our storm

All we have is our recollection.
It is what we wondered about,
the when, where, who, what and why,
during the storm

The when, where, who, what and why
is the present
still unfolding

9th of September, 2017: Saturday at 4:13am listing to the radio, waiting on Irma
An Irma Survivor was speaking, she was saying that all they had left was each other, everything else was gone. She added, all of us are in the same boat, none can help the other, we do not know
when things will change or how.

From: Weather Your Storm.


The night air jabs

knifelike against the face.

Feet plod purposefully
protected against the outside world
by thick socks and black thigh high boots.
Mosquitos bounce off the crisp black jacket
with only one layer of cotton sewn onto its skin.

No noise except boots
crushing stones
on their quest to keep moving forward.

Home is far away.
The only transportation;
sweet longing.

Here to There

One moment you are here
the next, you are there.
You can’t choose to remain here
or not to move to there.

You are
you were.
There is no standing still.

It is your decision what you do
when you are here
or there.
You decide.

Life is best lived in the moment
when you are here, aware,
in the now
in the know.

Above The Fray

There is the sense of lightly
skimming, barely putting your toe in
a dance on the froth
of the milk, floating
warm and light
giving ease to the mother cow

Legs stand firm on a board, then
taken aloft by the gust
that forcibly shrugged off
it's neighbors and shot up
skimming, dancing and tapping its notes
a top the placid water

High above the treetops seeing only the forests
and the clouds escaping in
large hand fulls at at time,
skimming the earth's edges
missing the energy and the teeming
textured lives beneath


They say SEE something SAY something
WE SAW vigor
He FELT fervor
We SAW velocity
He FELT ferocity

If you did not SEE it before that day, you saw it then
that's when we all learned how it is played
multiple scores for the G.O.A.T.
he showed it
WE SAW the D.A.R.E.
it was Open
you, Us
we all SAW it
we learned just what he was all about.
Score Love

Raw, Crude

Raw, Crude

Should I just go down as being raw, crude
liquid black, dark, chunky, rough hewn
In my (un)knowing
I am laced with the real gold they all want
24 Carat
Should I just go with the flow
forcefully rising, fat and fully frothing
(un)knowing where it will lead me
I (might) end up under two hoods 
guys named Rolls and Royce
But my mother would never approve.