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Miami Thrice

Ah, the 305.

The 786.954.754.561

The heat

The beat

The re-treat

Where visitors

and ‘gators

lounge around


and former generals,

presidents and dictators,


and their ladies


They’re not here to shrill

Sometimes the hunters and the hunted

do a stare-down,

four eyes behind tinted glasses

across steamy streets.

They sit at marble and granite tables

With their rum punch, cigars,


and latte

Behind them: actions,

pulpit, politics,


and might.

Big rims of hummers

double M’s (Mercedes, Maseratis)

double R’s (Rolls Royce)

bling and gin

Before them: reactions,

Dr. Scholls, Web MD,


And Accord.

After iced tea on the verandah,

some may wander.

Bedtime at dusk

becomes a must

It’s all just par for the course

In the 305.

The 786.954.754.561

The heat

The beat

The re-treat

From: Three Echoes Dancing

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