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Inspiring Books

My name is Musing Aloud, Allowed.

I’m an open book, but like everything else, I have a forward-story.
Here is what I am about...
I am a Ranting Genius with Crosses to Bear, listening to Reggae, Politics and Politricks; writing 101 Creative Letters to the Upsetters, calling them oxyMORONS—on behalf of the Undocumented. I don’t want to be rude and say, A Call to Order, because the response will be, you Devil, you have too many Details, too many Laws, less Happiness, trying to Divide and Conquer with Fringe Rules and Travel Bans. My response would be—I am Willing, I know you are More than Just a Number, let’s just get to the point, short clear sentences—Small Talk. I’ll arrange an event where we can Snap, Pop and Pour and I’ll do a lot of Gifting. I’ll also stop pretending to be Tone Deaf. Let’s bury the hatchet.


Today is Father’s Day and I’ve got great News, the Taboo is off. That’s what happens when you’re Faithful, Sir. When you Sow the Right Stones, you Reap Daffodils, you Rise to the Beat. It is designed that way. So come out of Hiding, Take Your Medicine, don’t Fight, its all done because of Love. We want to Treasure you. You want to say Goodbye to Jamaica? Fly away then, ride the Wind. You are America too. You can reunite with your loved ones there, after all, they are your sKIN

Want more?  You can read all of me, all of my ups and downs, highs and lows. My loves, likes and dislikes, all the juicy details are revealed inside.  Just go to the table of contents and select any title you see there and start reading.  Afterwards, you will know more about me than you know right now.  

When you finish reading one story, read another, then read again out loud.  In this book, I am revealing all of my secrets.  For some, you might need to take few minutes to think it over after you have read it before you understand.  It is worth the read, trust me on that. I have decided to bare it all.  So, you see, I really am an open book.  Spread the word, I don’t mind. 

Inspiring Books

Fort Lauderdale,  Florida

I was born to celebrate the three echoes of our lives, the excitement, vibrations and thoughtfulness we echo as we live, love and learn.  

Peek into the lush tropical garden of Physical Restraint.

Sample food that was cooked to delight your taste buds and add zest to your body in the kitchen of JapanJapan.

Listen as angels talk through wise women and men, with
 Maya Queen Majesty and Mandela’s Slow cooking.

Speak in whispers and sometimes loudly about love and hope, moved by Love Sounds and Love’s All or Nothing.

Touch the person next to you and share the experience, in
Ten Touches.

Reflect on life and its many flavors: sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and often in between, taken there by The Whys Have It.


See you in the pageturns.


Three Echoes Dancing.

Inspiring Books

 I had a decision to make:  Should I or shouldn’t I?  The answer was in the CONTEXT.


All and truth be Told, I am Defining Who Am I, Moving away from the Status Quo, exercising my Free Will.  I made the decision not hoping that It Will Find me; I decided that Today is Different, it’s Leaving Time, time to be Bullish like an Outsider, taking the Matter in my own hands, breaking through the glass Ceiling, after He Touched Me. It was the Context they said, but for me, it was a Culture Shock.  Today it is 72 Degrees in Miami, not a beach day, so we decided to Keep our Clothes On and still make an Impression. We took the Train, to Get Around the Town and there he was Lover Boy, all Dressed UP for an Outing.  Now I don’t have to Wonder why his Answers Evaded my Questions.  Its New Rules and Tools, Jah Jah, See Me, I’m In; all of us, all Part and Parcel We, are flying from Here to There, tomorrow on The Private 747, enjoying American Pie, Inside.  All I will Have in my hand luggage, is my Dress for the Ball in the evening, the Chalkdust-rose colored one, where my band, the Drones will be honored.  We will be Contented this summer, no one will Rob our band of this honor.


So what did I decide to do?  Find out within my pages…read me!


Hint: Context sometimes breathes fire or explodes a dam, but don’t let your Context control your day.

Inspiring Books

Thirteen poems that capture the feelings of anticipation, apprehension and relief, as hurricane Irma approached, landed and left the South Florida area in a whirl, in September, 2017.  The author summarizes the anxieties, hopes and lessons learned from the experience.  She also provides the reader with a 130 page journal for their own reflections on their Irma, as she said “we can apply the lessons learned from the Irma experience to other emotionally charged events in our lives.”   


It’s your turn.  Breath in.  Write it out.

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